Adobe LiveCycle is a form design program originally created by Macromedia and purchased by Adobe to package with Acrobat as a form designer program.

But Adobe knew that LiveCycle could do so much more so they eventually stopped packaging it with Acrobat after version 10 (X Pro) and now license it as an enterprise module available with the AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) content management system.

We why do we use it to create all of our forms? Because LiveCycle not only creates dynamic PDF forms but works in tandem with the JAWS (Job Access With Speech) reader for non-sighted or vision impaired users. JAWS is available as a free download from Freedom  and will read aloud the entire form as well as announce what type of field a user has entered, such as a text field, phone number field, etc and tell the user what to enter into that field. This capability coupled with good UX (user experience) form design renders the form as ADA compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant which has been the law since 2008.