Does your company have hundreds or thousands of forms created in technology that doesn’t translate well to the web or smart phone? Do you still require your customers to print out your forms, fill them in by hand and then mail/scan them back to you? (That is the definition of not being ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.) Then what do you do with that form when you receive it back from your customer? Is your filing room the size of a warehouse? And how can you use the data that those forms contain in a meaning way that can help you meet business standards?

We can show you a better way. Our team of forms analysts will recreate each of your forms in a PDF fillable ADA compliant format. This means that your forms will now be fillable on any device, can be emailed to your customers/clients, easily filled out and returned to you electronically. Digital signatures can be applied and a designated “submit by email” button will save paper, processing time and allow your customers to “self serve” application processes saving you employee resources for better customer service.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you become more efficient, save money, and provide the best customer interaction. Your customers will thank you.